Scam Alert

There is a scam about if you choose to sell your vehicle privately. They SMS you asking you to contact them via email. This is your first clue. The SMS will come from a ‘Sarah’ or ‘Jane’. I don’t know how they do it, but the only way I can have Sarah come up, is if I have Sarah in my address book! Don’t contact them via email. If you do, you will find that 1) they won’t haggle about the price 2) They claim to be offshore and unable to have access to their bank, so they would prefer to pay by paypal. (go figure? access to email but not their bank 🙂 3) The vehicle will be picked up by their uncle. Or small variations to that effect.

The scam is that they will take delivery of the vehicle and then reverse their payment, so they end up with your vehicle and you end up with no money.