Privacy Policy

Triple C Mobile Mechanics will collect information about your personal contact details and your vehicle – lots of information about your vehicle.  We could be guilty of collecting too much information about your car – what oil, fuel, air, cabin filters it needs, spark plugs, and what oil goes in the diff.  We also record when we changed the timing belt (so that you don’t change another one too soon), and then the brake fluid is due.

But you can be sure we won’t sell this information to a third party. (oh and that goes for your personal information too)


Our information is stored on encrypted servers.  We at Triple C Mobile Mechanics have never been hacked, and our data is secure.


Contact Us

PO Box 249,
Albany Creek 4035

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM

I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I have been using Triple C Mobile Mechanix for years. They come to me, are professional and trustworthy.