Thinking of buying a secondhand car, bobcat or truck? Pre purchase checks are a very good idea. A nice looking vehicle can hide plenty of mechanical nasties that you need to know about before committing to.

RACQ charge $315 (non members) and $260 (members) for such a service. Triple C pre-purchase checks vary from $140-$200 depending on age of vehicle and location. That’s a big saving, and you know that we do a good job.

I see my role as not just fixing up cars, but helping you buy the best possible car – A car is a long term relationship and I can help it be the best it can be. FEEL FREE TO RING ME ANYTIME (business hours) to discuss potential brands, makes and models, and I’ll steer you in the right direction. Remember – If you want to buy a washing machine, ask a washing machine mechanic not a sales person.