I’ll give it to you straight. Nitrogen in your tyres is a sham. Yes, tyres runs cooler and last longer with nitrogen in them IF YOU ARE A FORMULA ONE DRIVER! In normal motoring, it makes no difference – except for 1) red valve caps and 2) a lighter wallet!

Air is free (and is made up of 78% nitrogen anyway!), but tyre retailers often charge $10 per tyre.
I maintain that Nitrogen can actually be worse for your tyres, as people check pressure less, or not at all, because they believe it doesn’t leak. Not true. It does leak out slower than normal air, but it still leaks out. And the expense and inconvenience of getting to a tyre shop means that many people are driving with under-inflated tyres, which is bad for fuel economy and tyre life.

So next time the tyre shop asks if you would like nitrogen in your tyres and if you’re not a F1 team boss, just politely refuse, and choose the free stuff or ask me to check your tyre pressure at your next service.