Buying the right car for you

Do you really need a 4WD? Look what this 1920 Dodge could do! And it was only 2wd!
Most people let emotion drive their vehicle purchase. Buying something that they just don’t need will cost them more in the long run. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against 4WD’s, or luxury cars. I just would like my customers to know that certain cars are going to cost more to maintain, and if you choose one of these care – enjoy it, but know it will cost more. It’s not the mechanics fault that certain cars cost more to repair 🙂 I am more than happy to share my experience of certain brands or models (Ring me anytime during business hours). I can do perform a pre-purchase check (RACQ charge $315 non member and $260 members. My pre purchase checks work out to be between $150-$180).
My advice? Get the cheapest car your ego will allow! We do need to nurture the art of contentment. Every single vehicle, no matter the cost, will one day be scrap metal and if you need help, give me a call 0403 965 583 and book in a Pre Purchase check.

Thanks to Ray from McDowall for sending me the YouTube link!