Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

At Triple C Mobile Mechanix, we will prioritise if you break down and need roadside assistance. We don’t have a special call out fee and we don’t slug interstaters and ‘out of towner’s’ extra, as many less scrupulous operators do.

We have many suppliers that can deliver parts right to the side of the road to ensure we get you going as soon as possible.

RACQ, NRMA, RAA and the like, are only equiped to limp you home – they don’t typically actually repair the car.  We can diagnose the problem and get you going when you need it the most.  If the problem is a difficult one we can organise a tow truck back to your place and work on your car there.

BUT if you are a long term customer our aim is to look after your car so that it doesn’t break down, we have an astonishingly good record of this, check out our testimonials here.  Mechanics that do the bare basics and wait for a car to break down actually make more money- but that’s not what Triple C Mobile Mechanix are about.  One of my early customers came to me because he broke down at home after going to a cheap mechanic for a few years. It was an unusual problem with the brakes, caused by the lack of attention by his old mechanic which cost him over $1000.  A brake fluid flush every 2 years costs about $80. As they say, “a little check now saves a big cheque later”.

Some parts, such as alternator, clutches and  brake master cylinders are parts that don’t get changed until they fail.  So if you have a car that has travelled over 120,000 klms, there is a chance that you will need us at some point… And we will be there with a big smile. So next time you need roadside assistance, contact Triple C Mobile Mechanix.

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I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I have been using Triple C Mobile Mechanix for years. They come to me, are professional and trustworthy.