Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchases Inspections are a lot better than Post Purchase Blues.  We do pre-purchase inspections cheaper than RACQ.  Many Mobile mechanics don’t even do them at all.

A roadworthy is not a good indication that it’s a good car to buy.  Some roadworthies are dodgy (I saw a 4WD a little while ago and the roadworthy guy didn’t even take the rear wheels off the vehicle, the rear brakes and oils seals were shot – about $1000 worth to fix it! Which is good to know before you put a deposit down!).  Some cars are roadworthy NOW, but won’t be in 3 months time (conveniently the amount of time your warranty expires for 2nd hand car dealers).  All roadworthies don’t take into consideration maintenance items like brake fluid, coolant and filters – Your next service could take the shine off your good buy.

When you employ us to check a car out, we check out

  1. If the car is in good mechanical condition
  2. If its been well maintained
  3. If the car has been in an accident
  4. If its been through a flood – any car older than 2011 needs to be looked at for that
  5. If the car has minor or major maintenance items coming up. The reason some people sell is because the car is due for a timing belt which for a Subaru can cost $1500 and even more for a VW
  6. Whether the car was 2 sets of keys – a key can set you back $500 for a standard mazda these days
  7. If its a good car to own in the first place!  Some models and configurations are very expensive to maintain.  For example a V6 in a front wheel drive are often not economical to repair later in life – best to get a 4 cylinder if maintenance costs concern you.

We can also check if the vehicle has been stolen, written off or has money owing to it.  If you buy a car that has money owing on it, YOU BUY the debt.  That can really ruin your day.

So next time you are looking at buying a car, contact Triple C Mobile Mechanix.

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I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I have been using Triple C Mobile Mechanix for years. They come to me, are professional and trustworthy.