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Log Book Servicing

Log Book Servicing

It is a myth that you need to get your dealer to service your car in order to preserve your warranty.  Have a look at www.choiceofrepairer.com.au for details.  Triple C Mobile Mechanix offers dealer quality log book servicing (the good ones!) for less cost.  (I have worked in dealerships, and believe me, many of them are hopeless!)  Good mechanics usually don’t stay long there, they either move to a supervisor role within the dealership, or they start their own business, The really good ones become mobile mechanics, because out on the road us mobile guys are on our own!  Check out the shame file on the blog for a number of dodgy dealer diatribes.

We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) oils and our parts are sourced from companies we trust.

We at Triple C Mobile Mechanics spend time and money on training, the latest computers and software, so we keep up to date with new developments in this rapidly changing industry to ensure that your Log Book Servicing is up to date, professional and efficient.

We all know dealers overcharge on parts and labour, when you get sick of the run around and their so called ‘capped price services’, then contact us here for your next log book service.

When I become a single mum, I discovered how easy to was for other mechanics tp take advantage of my lack of technical knowledge.  I have recommended many people to Andrew because he is reliable, trustworthy and true to his word.

Stephanie T