Brisbane North Brake Services

Brakes are obviously very important to your safety.  I once fitted a set of cheap brake pads to my own car – I was so excited to find cheap parts at a newly started cheap auto store!

Luckily I checked them at the next service, and the glue had ‘let go’ and the pads would have disintegrated and probably would have jammed the wheel.  If it happened on the highway, it would have slammed me into oncoming traffic or a tree or something next hard if I was lucky.  Never again.  We use quality parts, and the Triple C Way – to take our time to do the job properly is no more critical than on your brakes.

Would you rather save $20 with a guy who is hurrying to finish before ‘knock off time”,  or would you like to put your safety into the hands of a business that takes our time (because, with a lower hourly rate, we don’t have to rush – we have no “KPI’s” to reach – we just do the job once, and do it right. We can beat any genuine quite, but we can’t beat dodgy. But you don’t want us to either, right?

And pricing – we don’t price gouge.  You can check with Repco and see that our pricing is the same as what they charge! (Some products are sourced from more expensive suppliers, and are better quality than what Repco sell, but we will tell you when that happens).

We love working on brakes, we fit excellent quality, low dust (ever notice the black dust around every European car’s front wheel?), and fit them with skill and experience, so next time your brakes need doing get in contact with Triple C Mobile Mechanix.

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PO Box 249,
Albany Creek 4035

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM

I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I have been using Triple C Mobile Mechanix for years. They come to me, are professional and trustworthy.