Air Conditioning

In Queensland going without Air Conditioning is becoming increasingly difficult. The A/C industry is highly regulated – the current gas used in Air Conditioning systems is an ozone depleting substance and cannot be released without proper equipment – costing about $4000 and several licenses.

The benefit of going with Triple C Mobile Mechanix for your A/C needs is that its always cheaper for the customer for us to service your car while we look after your Air Conditioning system.

Many people misunderstand your Air Conditioner system.  ‘Just top it up full of gas’ is a common request. The short answer is that it’s actually illegal to ‘top up’ your A/C. Sort of like your tyre.  If your tyre is flat, a tyre place will have to plug the leak before putting the air in. So we are required to catch the residual gas, evacuate the system (for a government regulated time of at least 30 minutes), do the repair and then fill the system by weight using highly tuned scales.

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I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. I have been using Triple C Mobile Mechanix for years. They come to me, are professional and trustworthy.