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PO Box 249,
Albany Creek 4035

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM

What we do – Car Servicing, repairs and maintenance 

Dropping the car off to a workshop is a hassle – organising lifts, moving car seats – even if they have a courtesy car, it’s not as easy as a mobile mechanic that comes to your home or work for the same price! That’s why Triple C stands for “More Convenient, More Care, Same Cost”

We are ‘old school’ in our approach.  “Do the job well, do it once”;  “Build life long relationships with customers” ; “a ‘can do’ attitude”  Of course we have all the computers and modern day equipment, but we are a small family run business that cares for our customers and the cars we work on. We like helping people, and that’s more important to us than the money (though if you want credit, ask a bank – it worked for us 🙂

The great thing about mobile mechanics, is that you can get on with your day, at home or work, WHILE your car is being serviced.  It’s a time saver and a great service that people who still go to workshops don’t understand. Well ok – some mobile mechanics have given us a bad name.  Some charge a $120 call out fee and are $140 per hour.  We are just $89 per hour, and we only include travel time.  Our low hourly rate allows us unhurried time on your car – which is important as it’s your family’s safety and your investment in our hands. You’ll only find cheaper with a bloke with no ABN or insurance.  I am aware that I could make more money from the business, but I am content with the life the business has given me, and am not out to make squillions – I’d rather have an excellent reputation!

Most of our pricing are the same as Repco – so we don’t overcharge on parts and you can easily check up on us.

May your mechanical moments be few and far between – but when they happen – get in contact with us 0403 965 583

Very prompt. helpful and honest. Excellent service, very reasonably priced. I very rarely recommend business but this one deserves sincere praise. Oct 2018

Mary M