What others are saying about Triple C

This feedback came from an anonymous online customer survey.

We hadn’t increased our hourly rate for over 3 years, and we asked if we should, and by how much. We were quite happy and prepared not to increase the prices if customers told us they couldn’t afford it.

    • 90% of our customers offered to pay a higher rate.
    • 98% believe that our major priorities were: The Customer, The Health & Safety of the Vehicle, Best Value for Money (one respondent thought that profit drove the business -but then you can’t please everyone!)
    • 96% rated us ‘Excellent or Above’ for: Technical & Mechanical Skills, Communication Skills, Personal Ability and Trustworthiness.

We were humbled and stunned.

Brisbane North Mobile Mechanic Testimonials

Andrew is trustworthy, reliable, knows his stuff technically and very convenient and flexible. You actually get to see what has been done and are shown the parts replaced. Andrew has the history of the car, and you have that continuity”

“Andrew is very open to explaining the technical aspects of the job, he outlines the options available & their pros/cons, and his service is very convenient. He was able to look after us quickly when we were in dire need of mechanical help”

“He’s fantastic, reliable, quick, doesn’t try to oversell u, reasonable rates, caring, courteous!” I have never said that of ANY other business that has serviced MY vehicles in 35 YEARS!!”

“Very efficient, trustworthy from the word go and very flexible. Also very upfront with costs and comparisons against the going market”

“I totally trust Andrew to do the right thing by me…this is a great relief as a woman”

“Great to have a service come to your door and you can still attend to children in the house while the car is getting serviced”

“Have recommended Andrew on several occasions. His honesty, skills and the convenience of coming to the home are major draw points”

“I’ve known Andrew for many years and trust him to tell the truth about what is needed for my car’s safety and efficiency. He is reliable and trustworthy”

“Excellent service with convenience and honesty. I appreciate that he is not trying to pull the wool over my eyes because I am a woman”